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We are leading the way in exporting Nigerian foodstuffs across the world.

Looking for efficient supply, export & labelling services...


  • Leading exporter and supplier of wholesale foodstuffs products
  • Over 100 Nigerian foodstuffs exported
  • 100% Organic food products
  • Free from Aflatoxins and chemicals
  • Well dried and cleaned food products
  • Working with the biggest wholesalers and distributors of African food products in abroad
  • Hugely competitive pricing


  • Products are processed and packed in accordance with each target market
  • Hand-picked and thoroughly cleaned 
  • Free from dusts and unwanted particles 
  • Food treated packaging materials 
  • Done in a clean and hygienic environment 
  • Sizing is done accordingly with your preference 
  • Packaging materials are chosen according to the products and markets 


  • Label translation and professional printing 
  • Production & best before dating
  • We can offer if preferred coloured labels or printing
  • Bespoke label design and sizes
  • We will advise, where possible, if certain ingredients are prohibited in certain countries
  • We prepare products in accordance with any country’s requirements


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  • We are located near Nigeria’s major airport (NAHCO & SAHCOL)
  • We move several Nigerian foodstuffs  products by air freight weekly
  • We work closely with major freight forwarders and airlines in Nigeria
  • Our warehouse is well fumigated, safe and secure.
  • We securely handle products from our warehouse to the destination airport
  • We ship by air to any part of the world


  • We are located near one of the Nigeria’s major seaports
  • We ship  containers monthly
  • The containers are well cleaned and fumigated 
  • FCL, LCL and Reefer containers
  • During loading, goods are well arranged to contain more loads 
  • We can organise and consolidate shipments at our facility for onward shipping to any destination


  • Health Certificates
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Certificates of Free Sale
  • Phytosanitary Certificates
  • Packing List
  • Commercial Invoice 
  • BOL
  • Assistance and guidance in meeting requirements of each country

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