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The seeds are shelled (dehulled) and the kernel is ground into a flour. Egusi seeds flour enriches and thickens soups as well as other foods. The whole seeds can also be dry-roasted and consumed as a snack.


Egusi seeds are major soup ingredient in Africa and a common component of daily meals in Nigeria. Egusi seeds when coarsely grinded are added to stew as thickener.

Egusi seeds ground into powder form, is the major ingredients for Egusi soup used in eating meals like fufu, garri, pounded yam, semolina et.

The Gourds of egusi seeds are left to ferment several days after harvest. The fermented seeds are then washed off and dried. The brown husks are manually or mechanical removed after drying.

The end result which is the white or creamy seeds are grinded into powder ready to use for making soups or as thickener.

Egusi seeds (Colocynthis Citrullus) contain 52.0% oil, 28.4% protein (60%), 2.7% fiber, 3.6% ash, and 8.2% carbohydrate. Egusi seeds are good sources of essential amino acids, especially arginine, tryptophan and methionine, vitamins B1, B2, and niacin, and S, Ca, Mg, Mn, K, P, Fe, and Zn.


Hand Peeled, Machine Peeled, Unpeeled


Bag (110kg), Half Bag (55kg), Quarter Bag (22.5kg), Paint Bucket (2.5kg), Half Paint Bucket (1.3kg), Derica Cup (500g), Half Derica Cup (250g)


Grinded, Ungrinded


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